Hello everyone,
Wishing you a great new year!

Do you love to weave stories? Do you relish taking your characters through a new experience every time? Do you believe in the magic of connecting through storytelling?
Then why limit the reach of your stories to just a piece of paper or a diary in a closet. Your story might win a fee hearts and for you win a few awesome prizes.

If you have a story/poetry/poem/ghazal/atukant, this is the right place for you.

Mid Night Diary brings to you “Writing Competition 2018 #UnlockTheEmotion”.

Below mentioned are the rules:

1. The story/poetry/poem/ghazal/atukant can either be in Hindi or English.
2. Only two entries(unpublished content ) from one person would be accepted.
3. Story on any theme is acceptable.
4. There is no word limit.
5. The story should not hurt anyone’s sentiments.

You need to mail the story/poetry/poem/gazhal/atukant to the below ids with your photograph diary.midnight01@gmail.com & submit@midnightdiary.in

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